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Quickstart Guide

Sign up for an account#

First, create an account in the client portal with your Discord account.

Create a server#

Then, in the client portal, under Services click Order New Services in the header menu, or through this link.

Next, choose a server type. We're going to create an application server as an example. Remember, you are not allowed to run a game server in an app server!

After that, create your new server:

  1. Choose the software, e.g. NodeJS.

  2. Choose a node available. The list you are seeing may be different from the screenshot below.

  3. Edit the resources. Make sure you have enough coins (default is max. 5000 coins). The below is recommended for most Discord bots and web apps.

Manage your server#

After creating a server successfully, you will be redirected to the server settings. (You can also go to this page by clicking My Services under the Services menu) Now, you can view, edit, renew, and delete your server.

Remember to renew your server!

Make sure you renew your server every 7 days or they'll be suspended. You just need to execute the /service renew Discord bot command or click the renew button in the client portal.

Control server though the control panel#

Finally, access the control panel to manage your server.

Video by @FlameFace#0570 (outdated)#

Last update: March 3, 2022
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