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Quickstart Guide

Sign up for an account#

First, create an account in the client portal with your Discord account.

Create a server#

Then, in the client portal, under Game Servers click Create Server in the header menu.

After that, customize your new server. Below is a standard configuration for Minecraft servers. Click Create after editing the config.

Manage your server#

Under Game Servers click My Servers in the header menu. You can edit/renew your server, install server JAR and plugins with our software installer, choose a subdomain name, or create a public status page.


Make sure you renew your server every 3 days or they'll be suspended. You just need to execute the /aservers renew bot command or click the renew button in the client portal.

Log into game panel#

Finally, log into the game panel. Again, no password is required :)

You'll see a list of servers you own or have access to. Click your server to manage it.

Video by @FlameFace#0570#

Last update: November 23, 2021
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