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Add a custom domain name

Update DNS records#

In this tutorial, we will use as an example.

First, point a CNAME record to (e.g. if your server is on the FREE-4 node). The A record below is optional (but read below).

Is the A record necessary?

If you're adding a subdomain like, a CNAME record is recommended and simpler to set up.

If you're adding a bare domain name like, you need to add an A record that points to our node's IP address.

The following only works for Cloudflare users. To redirect your custom domain from www to non-www, or from non-www to www, you can create a page rule in the Cloudflare dashboard.

Cloudflare users: orange- or gray-clouded?

If you want to use Cloudflare's free SSL, set the proxy status to orange, SSL to flexible, and disable HTTPS frontend in the next step.

If you want to use our free SSL service, set the proxy status to gray and enable HTTPS frontend in the next step.

Add your custom domain#

Next, go back to the client portal. On the My Services page, click your server name to edit its settings.

Then, click Hostname.

Enter your custom domain. The default HTTPS configurations are suitable for most users. Change them to fit your need.

Once you see a successful message, you can visit your new domain with HTTPS enabled in your browser. Make sure your web app is online and listening to the correct port number, otherwise you will see a 502 error!

Last update: March 3, 2022
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